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Rodent Control

Deadset Pest Management Helps Keep the Rodents and Their Diseases Away.

Rats have evolved to a point long ago where they have comfortably adapted to life with humans. This works well for the rat where he has access to food, water and shelter, however for humans it’s a different story where they suffer both the destructive and disease carrying abilities of the rat.

Having a rat in your home can be a very traumatic thing but be confident that Deadset Pest Management are experts at how to get rid of rats and how to get rid of them quickly!

Apart from the repugnant sight of a rats and mice on your property, they can cause significant problems to your health and property.

  • Rat’s carry diseases including: salmonella food poisoning, choriomeningitis, mild meningitis, Weil’s disease, infectious jaundice bacteria and tape worm.
  • Rat’s often nest in insulation bats causing damage.
  • Rat’s can chew easily through plasterboard damaging walls and leading to leaks and water damage.
  • Rat’s can chew wiring, putting you and your home at risk with fire and electrocution.

Rats and mice are incredibly resilient and difficult for non professionals to eradicate.  They can vertically and horizontally to distances up to 1.5m and squeeze through gaps as small as 6mm, making their nests hard to track.  Producing up to 15,000 off spring a year, a small mouse problem can rapidly turn into an infestation.

It is important to eradicate Rodents now and protect your family from disease, and your home from destruction, before they populate and increase in numbers. Contact Deadset Pest Management now, I will come to your home, assess the severity of the infestation, and find the best solution to completely free your home from Rodents. I seriously love what I do, so please call now.

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