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Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections

Termites (sometimes referred to as “white ants” in Australia) are pests that cause the greatest fear in the heart of every home owner, and with good reason!  This often unseen critter can end up causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. In the Brisbane area termite risk is high, Termites have a veracious appetite for cellulose, starches and sugars contained in timbers, with some species eating as much as 96 lineal metres of timbers a year

Termite damage can go unnoticed until it’s too late, making annual inspections of your property a must.

I am a highly trained professional at locating hidden infiltration of termites in your home, using the most trusted techniques and equipment we will access your property and advise you of the best possible solutions to protect and eradicate these unwanted invaders

A termite’s life is one continual hunt for food and that food is wood. A termite doesn’t discriminate, it will eat wood occurring in nature or it will happily eat wood used in construction, for example, your home! Brisbane has the perfect environment for these critters with one in three homes having them present in their yards.  Without treatment and elimination of conducive areas, termites will only grow in numbers, therefore increasing the risk of your property being damaged. While regular self-inspections are a great way to detect early entry, it is also important that you hire a trained professional to detect any unseen breaches of this invader. We at Deadset Pest Management will do our best to educate and inform you on ways to maintain and protect your property against the destruction of these highly invasive pests.

Call Deadset Pest Management now, for an obligation free quote for you next Visual termite inspection.  

Found termites in your home? What to do next.

If you have discovered termites in your home, this is a list of things you should do and a guide on what to expect.

  • Don’t be tempted to knock down or disturb termite mud leads or lift up damaged timber skirtings or trimming. It is best to treat active termites at the point of feeding.
  • Put the timber back in place and seal it up with some tape or cover with a towel. If disturbed the insects will retreat and come back at a later date. The best chance of elimination is to treat them while they are active.
  • Call Deadset Pest Management for a comprehensive Termite inspection. I will make your booking a priority.
  • I will give you a full report on the activity and extent in which damage may occur.
  • I will explain to you in detail, the best way to treat the termites and eliminate the colony. Allowing you to make an educated choice of treatment ranging from a spot treatments to a full Termite barrier system.


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