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Are termites destroying YOUR home…

and you don’t even know it?

Are you worried that the traditional method of only tapping and visual inspections will miss finding termites and other pests?

We have the solution!

If you have termites in places such as behind the plasterboard and inaccessible subfloor, the chances are they will not be detected during an inspection. We can identify termites and other pests in your home by using the advanced technology of the Termatrac® T3i.

We use the unique Termatrac® T3i – the only device in the world that detects and displays termite activity or pest movement through and behind walls, ceilings or roof areas.

Termatrac® T3i with its unique radar, thermal sensor and dual mode moisture sensors:

  • pinpoints the exact location of any movement for ease of treatment.
  • pinpoints areas of high moisture which are areas of concern or conducive to termite activity.
  • shows the level of activity in an easy to understand graphical format.
  • generates a report containing activity waveform and a summary of theinspection.

That’s total confidence for you and your home.

  • The World’s No 1 Termite Detection Technology Don’t wait – have your most valuable asset inspected today or before purchasing. Have confidence that you are not sharing your home with termites or other pests.

    Not only do we find the termites, but on return inspection after treatment, we show you proof they’ve gone by viewing the real time activity on the easy to understand T3i graphical interface. You can see and believe for yourself with the Termatrac® T3i.